Volume 44

Income Inequality Around the World

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At least since the 1950s, rising income differences between rich and poor nations began to wane as poorer nations started to catch up to richer ones, but inequality within many countries rose. Not only have the rich been getting richer since the 1980s, but this trend of rising inequality holds true for most countries. Growing inequality within countries is becoming one of the biggest concerns facing the world economy. This volume contains original research on inequality around the World. Topics include the way inequality is measured, the evolution of inequality across countries, the change in the distribution of income over time, the effect of public policy on wage distribution, and the link between equality of opportunities and earnings mobility.

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  • Editors Lorenzo Cappellari, Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos
  • Publication date 27 August 2016
  • ISBN 978-1-78560-944-2
  • ISSN 0147-9121
  • Copyright Holder Emerald Publishing Limited
  • doi 10.1108/rlec