Volume 49

Workplace Productivity
and Management Practices

How firms are structured, the management practices they develop, as well as the way in which workers and managers interact can have wider implications for both the performance of the firm and the well-being of its workers. This volume contains ten original articles that investigate aspects related to workplace practices and productivity.

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Research in Labor Economics is a biannual series that publishes new peer-reviewed research on important and policy-relevant topics in labor economics.

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About the Journal

Research in Labor Economics is a biannual series which publishes new peer-reviewed research on important and policy-relevant topics in labor economics. The Series which is published by Emerald aims to apply economic theory and econometrics to analyze important policy related questions, often with an international focus.

Over the years RLE has continued to present important new research in labor economics particularly regarding worker well-being. It covers themes such as labor supply, work effort, schooling, on-the-job training, earnings distribution, discrimination, migration, and the effects of government policies.

The articles are of three genres: (1) results from ongoing or completed important research endeavors, (2) critical survey articles, (3) and symposia on policy related topics.


Research in Labor Economics (RLE) was founded in 1977 by Ronald Ehrenberg and JAI Press, and has been published by Elsevier from 1999-2007 and by Emerald since 2008. Solomon Polachek has been editor since 1995.

Beginning in 2007 RLE affiliated with the IZA – Institute of Labor Economics, an independent non-profit research institution running the world's largest network of Fellows and Affilates in the field. At that time publication extended to two volumes per year. Konstantinos Tatsiramos became the IZA Co-Editor in 2008 after taking over from Olivier Bargain who served in that capacity from 2007-2008.

Since its inception RLE published over 350 articles encompassing a wide range of themes spanning an array of labor economics topics. Authors have ranged from young scholars with much potential to mature leaders in the field, including Nobel Prize and John Bates Clark award winners.

Solomon W. Polachek


State University of New York at Binghamton, USA

  • Orley C. Ashenfelter Princeton University
  • Francine D. Blau Cornell University
  • Richard Blundell University College London
  • Alison L. Booth Australian National University
  • David Card University of California, Berkeley
  • Ronald G. Ehrenberg Cornell University
  • Richard B. Freeman Harvard University
  • Reuben Gronau Bank of Israel
  • Daniel S. Hamermesh Barnard College
  • James J. Heckman University of Chicago
  • Edward P. Lazear Stanford University
  • Christopher A. Pissarides London School of Economics
  • Yoram Weiss Tel Aviv University
  • Klaus F. Zimmermann UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University

Konstantinos Tatsiramos


University of Luxembourg and LISER