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Volume 43 - "Inequality: Causes and Consequences", published in 2016

Inequality has been rising in many countries over the last decades and the process seems to have accelerated with the Great Recession. Not only is income distribution more unequal today than 40 years ago, but also the transmission of income differences through generations remains substantial. In other words, many countries fail to experience upward economic mobility as was prevalent in the past. This volume contains original  research on the causes and consequences of inequality. Topics include the way inequality is measured, the level of equal opportunities across countries, the impact of education, the effect of changing occupational structure, the consequences of changing productivity within the firm, the roles of stagnating average real wages, the decline of union membership, the effect of maternal labor supply on labor market outcomes of their children, and the link between income inequality and health.

The Table of Contents of this volume can be found here.




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